About Me

Many times, people describe themselves using their occupation, educational qualifications, professional credentials, achievements.  While I cannot run away from that completely (because they are so easy to use), I shall attempt to at least play it down because there is so much more to life than just your career.

My name is Serene.  I’m a Learning Designer and a Project Manager rolled into one.  I’m a pragmatic practitioner who loathes regurgitating research/theories and using jargon but have to due to the nature of my job.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister.  I am imperfect and blind to many of my own flaws.  But if I got to know of any shortcomings, I work on fixing them.

I strive to respect all other beings regardless of age or social standing.  I’m nice but not a pushover.  I’m humble but proud of it.  I’m naturally quiet but functionally talkative.

I choose to be vulnerable but I’m not gullible.

I would love to influence and inspire the masses but I really like being silent and left alone.

I am finding my way, everyday, an endless journey with so much to unfold.

I’m always wandering/wondering and have so many thoughts untold.

I’m a conformist on the surface but a rebel at heart.  Why must I think and do the way the rest of the world does?  I conform to keep the peace.  Battles are carefully picked and not fought at every chance.

I seem filled with paradoxes, I know.  But that’s who I really am.  We put full stops at the end of every sentence, yet we open many more.  That’s how life is for everyone.

Through this blog, you’ll get a glimpse of parts of my life here and there and I hope it might help you somewhat some time.

From total nonsense to serious sense…

From careless comments to professional remarks…

From secular things to spiritual matters…

From things that make life dark to things that make life beautiful.

Welcome to my blog. 🙂


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