Into the Woods – a Message for Everybody

The movie begins with a series of characters wishing for what they do not have.  But with a series of coincidences and a little magic, everyone’s wish came true.  But for every wish that came true, a loss was created.  Some losses were as tragic as losing the lives of the ones they love.

Be careful what you wish for.

Blame was another theme in the show.  Because of each person’s wish, some loss came upon someone else.  And everyone blamed everyone else.

The question left hanging in my head was… so is it better to be content with what you originally have and treasure it, or to pursue what you desire but at a cost?

Alas, the characters in this show were not aware of the losses they would encounter in order to gain. But I find that in real life, we often do know the costs, yet we strive.

The show is magnificent with its colours, acting, singing, humour and depth in meaning. Very worth watching.


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