Commonalities in Teaching and Learning Across the Human Lifespan

Life is Beautiful

Are you an experienced trainer/teacher?  Do you teach specifically 1 group (e.g. teenagers) or have come full circle in teaching audiences across the human life span? Having experience developing people across the human lifespan is my personal objective.

I’ve come almost full circle.  I’ve taught young children (casual setting), children (academic setting), youth (academic setting), young adults (volunteer setting), adults (corporate setting).  The only thing that remains is young adults in an academic setting (e.g. as a lecturer in an institute of higher learning).  There is one group that I will forgo for now and that is the senior citizen group (roughly above 60 years old).

What have I learned so far?

I’ve learned that there are commonalities in teaching and learning across the lifespan.  There are some things that always hold true regardless of which age group you are teaching and for what purpose (e.g. academic, corporate/formal or casual).  Once…

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