Potty Time!

The shiny little grey throne has been sitting there for almost a year and she (my 25-month old) voluntarily sat there only twice… once with pants and diapers still on (obviously doing it for fun or giving her tired legs a break while walking along our “long” corridor from her room to the living room)… once butt naked but absolutely nothing came out (excreted after diapers went back on).

Time to remind her about her grossly underutilised potty again.

Not that I’m complaining.  Diapers are good.  When i bring her out, there is no need to keep going to the toilet.  And if she poops… it can still hold a while if the situation doesn’t permit immediate clean up.  She is too small for those dirty big public toilets.

I would not bother about potty training if not for the fact that she is going to pre-nursery next year.  I’ll let her stay in diapers for as long as she is still comfy with it.


Cos the muscles for pooping and shee-shee-ing develop differently for different people.  Eventually, they will reach a stage where they can control everything at will.  Consciousness and awareness of being dirty will also develop.  The child will naturally not want to feel so uncomfortable anymore.  She will also start comparing with the people around her who do not need diapers.  If she has healthy emotional and psychological development, she will naturally want those diapers off once she is ready!If she is not ready, forced potty training might backfire and delay development in this area.

Anyway, we live the city life.  It’s potty time!  (Not too excited about it but have to appear excited to entice her.)


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