Her Latest 3-syllable Words at the Age of 20 Months


Last night, while I was drinking a TCM drink called “lengyang”, my little cupcake asked me what was that and she skilfully and accurately repeated the word after me.

Grandma said she might not understand “lengyang”.  So we told her the English name instead: Antelope Horn Drink.  She went “An Te Lope!”  Pause.  “Horn!”  Pause.  “Drink!”   So cute!

As I am writing this… I just realised… she would not understand what Antelope Horn Drink is either!!!! Haha!!!


She has been able to refer to strawberries for a few months now.  But it was never a complete nor well spoken word.  She used to say “aw…. bewwy”.  Now she can say “strawberry” albeit the “str” sound still seems a slightly inaccurate.

Hey Diddle Diddle

These aren’t a 3-syllable word but I wanna pen it down still cos she says it so adorably!!!  And she loves to repeat and repeat (when she wants to).

Whenever she wants me to read this rhyme to her, she will hold my face, look into my eyes and go “hey diddle diddle”.  Then she will scoot to get the book of nursery rhymes while chanting “diddle diddle. diddle diddle. diddle diddle… ”  Sigh…. so cute.


Ok… to be precise….. she can’t really say this word yet.  But she will say “eh phant” when she sees an elephant.  Still thrilling to me nonetheless.


Now, let’s talk a little bit about her mastery of the Teochew language.  Unfortunately, this dept is moving rather slowly cos Ah Mah and Ah Gong still use baby language with her.

  • bor (could say this with open swinging palms since she could sit up)
  • wu (have)
  • pak pak (beat beat)
  • pai pai (naughty)
  • bang sai (pass motion)
  • guai guai (good girl)
  • jiak (eat)
  • dak (stick on an anti mosquito patch)
  • gak (throw away)
  • mai (don’t want – used abundantly like the English word “no”)

She still uses a lot of English with them.  I think Ah Mah and Ah Gong are learning more English from her than she is learning Teochew from them.

How about Mandarin?  Well… this one still got a loooOOOOooong way to go cos I’m super lousy with this language too.  Her most accurate now is “hao chi ma?” (is this nice to eat?)


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