Her First Intelligible Words At The Age of 13 Months

It delights a mother when she can understand her child and I’m sure a child feels happy when understood.

Words that my child uses to communicate (besides signing)… Penning these down for memory’s sake…

– *sob* ma mee *sob sob* (mummy – cried out only when in distress)
– da dee (daddy – randomly mentioned when not in distress)
– ma ma (maternal grandma or photograph)
– ma! (paternal grandma)
– nana (banana)
– perl (apple)
– toys (toys)
– bear bear (teddy bear / care bear / any bear)
– tigger (pooh bear’s friend)
– neg neg (magnet)
– zerd (lizard)
– zing (raisins)
– mam mam (eat)
– pen dor *point at lock button* (open the child gate and let me out)
– oohhh… (I’m venturing out / on an exploration)
– pit tter pit tter pit tter pit tter (rain)
– woah woah (dog)
– woah woah (cat)
– wooong (car)
– wwooooo (vacuum cleaner)
– lao beh (3rd grand uncle)
– zie zie (jie jie [mandirin] / older sis)
– mbak (mbak [indonesian] / older sis)
– bor bor (ball / balloon)
– bor! *rotating open palms* (no more / gone / disappeared)
– op (drop)
– bay (bathe)

Quite a long list I must say. Didn’t expect it when I started listing the first word!

*a proud and happy mum*


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