Almost One

She’s almost one.  My little baby.


Every weekend, she wakes us up with her “Ay… Ay… Ay”.  If we do not respond, she will set out on an adventure to discover the different parts of her bedroom and comments on what she sees or thinks with “da… da… da… nai… nai… nai… ma… ma… doe… doe… ge da dee ber… zzzeeppheeeezpppreee”. *spluttering of saliva*  And may I add… whatever can be destroyed, chewed or toppled… will be as such.

It’s interesting that she can speak strings of 3 to 4-syllable “words”… but cannot say “mummy”.

If we still do not respond, she will open her bedroom door herself and start… well.. screaming “AAAAAAYY!!!” (she is behind bars).  If we still ignore… her “AAYY” will start to sound nasal and slowly break into sobs.

Motor Skills

She is on the verge of successfully climbing into boxes, climbing onto coffee tables and climbing out of her walker.  She has attempted climbing out of her playpen but I think she is far from succeeding for this one (but I did spot her once trying without stepping on anything – using sheer opposing forces of arms and legs).  She also climbs window grilles and her chest of drawers.  She has already figured how to open cupboard doors and get into the cupboard or pull something out.

She knows how to slide off the sofa back-side first but still loves to go headlong most of the time.  Wonder when she will stop making my heart stop like that.

Oh… and she loves catching any ant that so fatefully marches across her path.  Fortunately for them, they get killed (by me) instead of dying a slow death (baby’s aiming for such small things still not very good and has to try and re-try).

Her general hand-to-mouth coordination is pretty good.  She makes sure she practices throughout the day, everyday, with anything and everything.  She just mastered the pincer grap only this week … perfect for grabbing food into her mouth before you can stop her.

Give and Take

If she lets you brush her teeth, she expects you to let her brush yours… with her toothbrush.


She has developed stranger anxiety in the recent months and prefers mummy and daddy to anyone else.  That invisible string she has tied to us really never fails to tug at our hearts.  Even with regular caregivers like grandparents around, she still wants daddy or mummy.  If we look at her, she will have her arms up with a face of doleful eyes.

She will say hi and bye to strangers (e.g. neighbours in the lift and grandpa’s goldfish) but would cry at or ignore family.

She can play with you but you can’t carry her.

She’s quiet and still in noisy places and really noisy and active in quiet places.  The mark of an introvert?

Hands up in the air… go… wAAAaave… wAAaaavve..

Looking back just a few months, we were filled with butterflies in our guts, afraid of the most basic thing… can we look after this little cutesie and ensure that she SURVIVES!!!  Is she breathing??? Is she consuming enough??? Is she sleeping enough?

Today… she can dance seated with her arms waving in the air (like a chimp… champ i mean).

This morning, she watched “Everyday I’m Shuffling” dance moves and laughed heartily at every move.  Maybe cos it was mummy and daddy who were shuffling.  If she could slap her forehead, she probably would have.

If I had not spent this time to reflect on all her developments, I would not have realised how much she has grown.

She’s now right here on my lap watching me type the final words of this blog.  Just not too long ago, she required support to sit like that.



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