I Wanna Grow Up Series: (4) I am 2 Years Old and I Wanna be 3

Swing swing swing… I’m holding to top of the swimming pool ladder in my pretty party dress and sandles and swinging 1 foot to and fro.  Swing swing swing…

Then came auntie who warned me that my sandles could fling into the pool.  No one brought their swim suits and hence, no one was going to jump into the pool to retrieve my shoes.  That is not a problem at all to me.  I’ve been into the swimming pool many times!  Retrieving it myself was not a problem so I told her, “I can get it myself!”  Then auntie told me that it was a large and deep adult pool.  “Do you know how to put your head underwater?  Do you know how to search for your sandal while your head is underwater?”  I thought for a while and I think she had a point.  So I decided that maybe I should play around the small pool instead.  Just in case aunt didn’t know what I meant, I formed a small circle with my thumbs and forefingers and showed her while I said, “I want to go to the small pool.  The small small pool.”

But alas, the small pool was blocked. Grandpa said it was under renovation.

But I’m cool with it cos I wanted to play at the staircase anyway.


“Give me a hug!” says grandpa.  “Give me a hug!” says grandaunt.  “Give me a hug!” says daddy.  “Give me a hug!” says auntie.

Aarrggh… what is with these people?  Can’t they just leave me to play alone with my toys?

I tried something new recently.  I decided to let grandpa hug me once.  I warned him that that was enough.  But he did it again and it was so maddening!  I screamed at him and grandaunt told me to apologise for that was rude.  This is so unfair!!!  I told grandpa nicely at first but he didn’t obey.  So I had to be more forceful.  That’s what these adults do to me too… they speak to me nicely at first and when I don’t obey, they talk to me forcefully but do not need apologise to me.  But I have to?  This is so not fair!!!  Hmmpph!!!


I met Mummy’s friend many times.  She has a son named Thomas.  Thomas is taller, runs a lot faster, speaks a lot better and seems to have all kinds of ideas of what to do when our mummies trap us in a room.  He is always thinking of new things to do with the toys and new places to run to and explore.  I like imitating him.  Always so fun.

I also want to always find different ways to play with the toys and let other babies copy me like that.

I want to be just like Thomas.


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