Oozing of Cuddly Cuteness

21 Jan 2013 was D Day…  The day my little baby girl arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 2. 

Just within the 24 hours before her arrival, I was panicking on the inside.  Are we ready?  Have we bought everything?  What if we missed out something critical?  What if she falls sick?  What if she misses her nanny?  Do we really want to do this?  What if we changed our minds?  Are we too cruel/irresponsible if we changed our minds?  What if she is stressed and traumatised?

When she was placed in my arms, those worries did not go away.  But they did not hang around for long either.

I brought her to my mum’s place as my husband had to rush off for night class.  There, she smiled at everyone and fell straight asleep… that’s when my worries disappeared.

That evening when we brought her home, we woke up every 2 hours (or even more often than that).  It was mostly because we did not know that babies have irregular breathing patterns.  We were so worried whenever we stopped hearing her breathing.  We will go really near her and stare at her in the dark for signs of movements.  Once we see movements or hear breathing, we return to bed… for just a short while.

The first week was crazy.  Not a single day were we home to help her settle in, settle her ruffled feathers.  We had to bring her out everyday for the Doctor, the Lawyer, visit family, etc.  It went by in a blur that I have difficulty recalling what we actually did.  I actually suffered from severe headache, numbness and appeared apathetic (to tired).  By the first Sunday, all 3 of us were exhausted.  We could finally be alone at home for 1 whole day. 

The days that followed were days of enjoying her utter cuteness oozing out of her at every moment – looking serious, dazed, crying, smiling, laughing…. oh so cute!  And it was amazing how she grew and got stronger everyday! 

Fast forward 3 weeks to today.  She just got herself up into sitting position from a 45 degree angle and leaned forward to reach for her sock on the bed.  When she first arrived, even her head required support.  3 weeks is so much for a little baby like that.

She simply totally oozes of cuteness.


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