The Amazing 2-year-old

You know… 2 year olds love to imitate.  they are at the age whereby they repeat everything you say and do.

Was playing with my little niece over the weekend and she was imitating me most of the time.

I skipped to and fro in front of her and said “I am skipping! I am skipping!”  thinking that she would imitate me as usual.  She observed me for a while and probably decided that she didn’t know how to skip and ran and screamed “I run! I run!”

After that, i skipped to the sofa and sat down and shouted “I sit down!”  She tried to climb onto the sofa but decided that it would take her too long to get onto the sofa.  So she toppled over instead and said “I fall down!”

Firstly, I’m so amazed by her wittiness to switch to something else when she realised that she could not imitate exactly.

Secondly, she chose actions which were somewhat still associated with what I was doing.

Children’s ability to observe and learn is amazing!

Oh… on top of that, her multi tasking ability is also super amazing.  Before she could talk, when she just started toddling, she would be playing with something and when you asked her questions (e.g. have you eaten?), she will answer by nodding or shaking her head whilst still playing with the object!!!  And her answers are usually correct!!!

Recently as a 2 year old, she was playing with her kitchen set… frying a toy fish and adding imaginary sauce.  I asked her what she did in school that day and she said “I do dancing!”… and swayed her body side to side WHILE still frying her fish and pouring the sauce!!!!

AMAZING!!!  and obviously super cute!!!


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