Short Hair? Long Hair? Medium Length Hair? Oh I Can’t Decide!

When I was in primary school and younger, I had the “bowl” haircut most of the time.  My dad used to make use of his children as hairdressing dummies.  He’d try different hairstyles on us.  His favourite on my brother was the shaven bald head.  For me, it was the bowl haircut – it looked like a bowl was placed over my head and the hair was cut along the edges of the bowl.  I feel real goon looking at my kid photos but I think it was the fashion back then.

bowl haircuts

There were periods during my kindergarten and primary school days when I had long hair.  My grandma would tie my hair up into 2 ponytails most of the time.  Back then, raw rubber bands were used (unlike the scrunchies and what nots used today).  Hair-tying routines hurt big time.

One of those years, my mum (or dad?) bought me some DIY kit for perming hair.  I spent hours applying the lotion into my hair and twisting it into a knotty mess.  I looked like Medusa in the end.

Medusa by Arnold Böcklin, circa 1878
Medusa by Arnold Böcklin, circa 1878 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a teenager, I experimented on several different hairstyles.  Changed style every 2 years or so.

  • Plain long hair.  No bangs/fringe.
  • Plain long hair with side swept bangs.
  • Permed medium length hair – dry look and wet look (a.k.a. maggi mee hair)
  • Short bob (above the ears)
  • Layered long hair

And then I got lazy and kept plain long hair again for most parts of my univ days and early work life.  Whenever I went around with my hair let down, I reminded friends of the ghostly spirit in the television of The Ring.  I was this ghostly apparition for quite a number of years.  Btw, for those who do not know me, I’m naturally fair and pale looking and I do not have the habit of wearing make-up.

01 :: SADAKO
01 :: SADAKO (Photo credit: anelasama)

And then just a year or so ago, I decided to chop it off again.  This time, a layered shoulder-length shag look.  I thought having the shaggy (messy) look meant that I could just wake up every morning and walk out of the house.  Boy was I so wrong.  The shag look had to be groomed into being!!!  Lo and behold! That hairstyle survived a mere 2 hair washes!!!

Meg Ryan 3 Met Opera 2010 Shankbone

I grew that hair out.  And my hair, just like the rest of my body, has been changing as I age.  It has become naturally wavy and this was the natural result:

Meg Ryan and Jeff Skoll
Meg Ryan and Jeff Skoll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course I looked a lot worse than Meg Ryan!  My hair is a lot thicker and hence, twice as puffed up as what you see above… something I do not like to show to the world.

Today, I have the shortest crop I’ve ever had.  The short above-the-ears bob I had in secondary school is back but with a whole lot more layering to thin out the hair and also for the wild just-out-of-bed look if I so choose to style it.  With this short hairdo, I had tried both the symmetrical and assymetrical cut (i.e. 1 side longer than the other).  I had to chop off the longer side eventually.  Lazy Serene found it too hard to maintain.  My favourite view of this style can be found here (I’m the one on the left).

The problem with short hair is that it has to be trimmed every month or so.  And each time I get it trimmed, it looks a little different from the last trim.

And so, I’m thinking of whether to keep this style or grow my hair out again.

I can’t decide!!!


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