Killing Cockroaches

Just killed a cockroach (or so I thought).

cockroach (Photo credit: Squallwc)

Saw a cockroach running merrily around my living room.  Decided to roll up some newspaper and whack it.  It was a bull’s eye.  I happily left it there and walked off to take my bath.

When I returned to the murder scene, the cockroach had already migrated about an inch or two.  I quickly took the paper to catch it but it ran away.  I managed to catch up with it and crunched it to the ground.

I returned to the original site and tried to clean off the evidence (white innards of the loathsome pest) but part of it had already dried!!!

2 lessons learned from this episode:

  1. When cockroach is still in a daze, crush it and throw it away (flushing down the toilet may be the best).  Don’t just leave it there else it would revive and start running around again.
  2. Clean up the murder scene immediately.  Any traces left for just a few minutes will dry up and become harder to clean off.

Oh… if you are wondering if I have cleaned off the subsequent murder site… well… I decided to leave it to my handy hubby to do the job of the undertaker when he gets home.  Don’t like the sight of cockroaches … dead or alive.  (Some lessons learned do not get applied immediately. ;p)


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