In Time (starring Justin Timberlake)

If you enjoy thinking about the philosophy of life, you might enjoy IN TIME.

I began the show thinking that it would just be another futuristic science fiction with engaging action… and a really engagingly handsome actor.  But it turns out to be relatively thought provoking.

In this futuristic movie, people are engineered to stop ageing at 25.  They then only have 1 more year to live.  Currency is time.  In order to live longer than 26, you need to earn, beg or steal time.  Otherwise, your “clock” will count down to zero and you’ll die.

Justin Timberlake’s character, Will, became the Robin Hood of the poor.  He was living his life from day to day, hand to mouth, until he met a “rich” man who gave him 100 years.  From that moment on, a string of events led Will to steal from the ultra rich and distribute it to the poor.

Although Will has the skill to keep stealing from the rich, he continues to live life day to day, hand to mouth, keeping just enough for himself to live another meaningful and purposeful day.

Some questions that might pop into your head are:

  • Will sharing of wealth/resources tip the world off balance?
  • Is your life worth more just because you have more time left?
  • Which will push you to live richer lives – less or more time?
  • No matter how hard many good men try, there will never be a fair system because for as long as men exist, greed and self-centredness will always be around every corner.  Selfish people will work as hard, or even harder, to make any system unfair for their own benefit.  True or false?
  • Most beneficiaries merely squander what is shared with them and wait for the next donation.  True or false?
  • Following the previous 2 points, is it worth the effort of the good men who try so hard to make this world a “fairer” place?

It’s an interesting world, isn’t it?


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