I Wanna Grow Up Series: (3) I am 1 Year Old and I Wanna Talk

They are here again! Auntie and Uncle.  Let me show off to them what I showed off to Daddy and Mummy just the other day.  Nnggh! Tadah!  See, I’m standing!  They clap and I’m so proud of myself.  I took a few ginger steps and toppled.  But it’s ok.  There is the little aeroplane I usually ride on.  I hold on to it and pick myself up again and push it while on my own 2 feet.  I push it to the kitchen, got Uncle to u-turn it, push it to the front door, got Uncle to u-turn it, push it to the kitchen… I do that several times… i feel myself getting stronger and steadier!  This is fun!  This is POWER!!! haha!


My first birthday party came and I could proudly stride around the house unaided all on my own!  Nobody carry me!  I can walk!

After dinner, we all stood around this round thing with light on it.  The light is so nice.  I have no idea why are all these people standing around behind me.  But the light is so nice.  Then I heard mummy and daddy calling me, I looked up to them and there was  very bright light.  I blinked.  This smaller light is nicer.  So I look at it again.  Then mummy and daddy started calling me again.  What is it this time?  ANd there goes another flash.  The next time they call me, I am going to ignore them.  And then everybody started calling me… Katie, Katie, look up, look up!  THis is frustrating.  Can’t I have some peace to look at this beautiful light right in front of me?

I told them to stop distracting me and this is how it sounded: “nggh nggh, nggh nggh nnnnggggh!”  But no… they didn’t understand and kept calling me to look up.  THey finally gave up but what came next was sad.  THey taught me how to blow and told me to blow at the candle.  So I made my lips into the O shape which they showed me and faced the little light.  And they all laughed.  I look puzzled.  Then my grandaunt showed me and blew at the candle.  The light was gone.  I became so sad.   I told them to put back the light.  But no one understood.  Then they start cutting up the round thing.  Daddy fed me a little and hey!  It is sweet!  I gobbled up my share and forgot about the little light.


I can now walk around the house everyday on my own.  I felt free.  I could get to where I want without asking anyone to carry me.

I used to play with these hard grey eggs in the garden but Grandma tells me that they are called “pebbles”.  I repeat after her: “nnggh!”  I point at some pretty yellow things and Grandma says that those are “flowers”.  I repeat after her: “nnggh!”  I hear a strange but beautiful song coming from the sky.  I point at the trees and Grandma says  “Birds”.  I repeat after her: “nnggh!”  Both Grandma and I see some movement in the corner of the garden.  Grandma asks me if I can see the lizard.  I point at the lizard and say “nnggh”!  And Grandma says that I am so clever.  And I grin. 😀


Uncle comes to visit. When I tell Uncle to look at the flowers or the pebbles or the birds (I even point them out to him), he doesn’t seem to get it.  He would instead say things like grass, plants, leaves, tree.  And I shake my head and try another set of words.  SOmetimes he gets it right.  It is difficult to teach Uncle the new words I have learned.


Whenever I try to say the words that are in my head, they all come out sounding totally unlike what is in my head.  Why?  It’s so frustrating to simply say what I mean… so tiring and never successful.  Sigh…  I give up with a scream sometimes.

How I wish I could talk.


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