Church Camp 2012

Palace of the Golden Horses, KL, Malaysia

Been a church-goer like for abt 18 years (man, these numbers are getting big) and this was my first church camp ever!

800 pax emplaced into 300 rooms at the Palace of the Golden Horses for 4 days.  From infants to the elderly.  From the 4-limbed to the handicapped.  It was a colossal task for the camp committee but they did it so well.  Communications was great and everything went so smoothly… and not forgetting each participant’s role in helping one another out… some sacrificing personal freedom and some sleep to help those in need… and the local church which helped take care of our children during the conference sessions.

For those who thought that this wasn’t my first church camp… well… so did I.  After going through the 4 days, I realised that it WAS my first church camp!  It was meant for fellow Christians to just spend days together worshipping God and playing games together, flying kites together, eating durian together, swimming together, eating together.  Of course, not all 800 did all things together lah.  Everyone chose to do what they wished and I suspect that shopping probably had the highest participation rate!  And there were some leaders still crazy enough to prepare and conduct meetings during the camp.

How is this different from the other camps I went?  The other camps I attended were heavy on personal retreat, studies, training, field work – schedules were packed and sleep was sometimes elusive.  Those who attended those camps usually had similar callings in life. We tend to be like-minded and hit it off easily.  This church camp was no where close to being such an objective-driven, task-oriented, gethering-of-like-minded-people camp.  It could be considered a very rojak “family camp” actually.

At this church camp, we had the privilege of having Pstr Peter Tsuhakira, a Japanese-American-Israeli, to come share with us God’s Word in 6 conference sessions.  He spoke of kingdom values which many of us Christians have failed to live out, being distracted instead by worldly values and numbers.  I am so glad that he had 6 long sessions to expound on this such that the message is complete and balanced.

As a short-attn-spanned visual person who sat through 6 sessions that had no powerpoint slides but only talking and talking and talking, I seriously struggled to concentrate during his sessions.  Even then, I learned so much.  What more for those who managed to stay focussed throughout!

All in all, it was a nice trip and it was also nice bunking with my mum and being away from my husband (we only managed to pak-tuo on 1 afternoon out of the 4 whole days).  Don’t get me wrong!  What I meant was that it felt good to know that we still miss each other so much when apart.


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