I Wanna Grow Up Series: (2) I am 6 Months Old and I Wanna Walk

Oh goody.  I can sit up on my own! o.h Oh. OH! *plonk*  And up again I go as Mama supported me back up.  This is fun.

Mama’s face looms before me.  What is she doing?  She looks so funny.  Haha!! Haha! Haha!  I’ve been laughing a lot at all these funny people making funny faces and noises at me.  They are funny.  Haha!

And those large fingers.  Wow… so amazing… looks tasty.  Aaahhh…. My mouth opens wide as I pull it closer.  but Mama likes to pull her finger away when it’s so close… so close to my mouth.


Uncle comes along and lifts me up.  Woah!! So high.  We walk out of the house and into this bright space with tall green things and the floor had all these many tiny small sharp pointy green things.  They look strange and scarey.  Uncle wants to place me down.  They come closer and closer and my feet went up up up.  I didn’t want my feet to land on those pointy things!  Uncle lifts me up and said something that made me want to believe that it is ok.  Then he tries to put me down again.  And my feet shrinks back again.  But Uncle doesn’t lift me back up.  Instead, Auntie comes along and touches those tiny greeny pointy things with her bare hands!!!  Hmm… nothing happened.  Uncle tried to lower me onto it again and I really shrank back.  This time, he decided to bring me back to the house.  As we turn toward the house, I turn and look curiously at the green floor again.  Interesting… maybe I should touch it next time.  Maybe.


Auntie carried me up the stairs.  I like the stairs. And the light in the middle of the stairs.  It looks so nice.  Then we went to Grandma’s room.  It’s so cosy and cool in here.  Auntie places me on the floor away from Grandma.

I notice that nowadays, these big bullies like to put me far away from the things I like and ask me to go get them myself.  I wanted to hug Grandma.  But Grandma wouldn’t come to me and Auntie would carry me to her.

I look at Auntie and point to Grandma and said “nngg!”  She didn’t seem to understand.  So I tried again. *Point* “Nnngg!”  And I think Auntie just told me to go there by myself.  Grandma beckons and I lunge forward.  Ouch!! My knees hurt.  Hmm… how do I do this?  Let me try again.  Ouch!

*Point* “Nngg!”

The pointing ain’t working.  I dragged my butt a little but that was too difficult.  Let me use just my left hand and my right foot.  Ouch! My left knee still hurt.  I sit and rest.

*Point* “Nngg!”


Ah well.  Guess I really have to go to Grandma by myself.

Left hand, right foot, ouch!
Left hand, right foot, ouch!
Left hand, right foot, ouch!

Grandma and Auntie laugh at me.  I wonder why are they laughing when I’m hurting.

I finally reach Grandma.  She gives me a great big hug and I’m so happy!

I wish I could move faster and more painlessly… like Mama, Dada, Auntie, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa… they move so fast and don’t look like they are in pain.

How I wish I could walk.


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