Denver Downtown and a Little More

24 hours of travelling to Denver, 4 days of conference, 1 day of freedom and another 24 hours of travelling home to Singapore… not a very good schedule I must say.

I spent the first 2.5 days of the conference recovering from jetlag.  By the time I was fully alert, it was already the last day.  My last day was fortunately passed very pleasantly with an old coursemate I met up over there.  Together with new friends, we took a bus out to the outlet malls in the outskirts of Denver.  Although I’m not a shopper, it was a breather from the usual hotel-conference-hotel-conference routine.  The bus ride also allowed my eyes to feast on the glorious spacious green land which is so sorely lacking in Singapore.

I also had 1 free day to roam on my own.  I went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  At first, it was peaceful and I took a little lunch break and planned to stroll through the museum.  But no sooner after I sat down with my sandwich, I started to hear painfully familiar noise… the screaming and chattering voices of primary school children!!! 100s of them!!!  !!! !!! …. Ah well…

The museum was different from Singapore’s.  The museum included showcases from local (Colorado) archaeological finds.  Pity I didn’t get to see all the exhibits for fear of crowds of screaming tots running around.

The only camera I had was my iPad’s.  Not the best or most convenient of cameras.  So I only took a few shots.

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