Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

A heart-wrenching plot that cleverly respects and commemorates the fateful 11 Sep 2001 event.

A year after his father disappeared in the collapse of the World Trade Centre, the boy unknowingly begins the healing process of his grieving.  He found a key in a blue vase that belonged to his father and he thought that his father had wanted him to find the lock that the key opened.  His adventures led him to meet all kinds of people with all kinds of pain in their lives.  It also led him to his grandfather, whom his father never knew, and a renewed relationship with his widowed mother.

As the boy learned to forgive himself for not picking up his father’s last phone call from the towers, he also learned to forgive his grandfather for abandoning his dad for fear of fatherly responsibilities.  In the end, his grandfather learned to stop running away from the things he feared and returned to his grandmother’s side.

This show is about the pains, regrets and griefs in life, and how a life in pain can touch another life that is also in pain.


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