Big Miracle

Two letters: O. K.

Two words: Nice show.

File:Big Miracle Poster.jpg

I guess it didn’t hit home for me because I’ve never seen a whale lest interacted with one.  Kindda hard to connect with the passion the Green Peace lady had for saving the whales.

I’m also a practical person.  It might have been MORE GREEN to let the eskimos kill and store the whales for food.  All those tourists and reporters flying in, using up fuel for travel, keeping hotel rooms warm, operating electrical appliances, ramming the ship into the ice berg, towing the hovercraft, running snowmobiles & helicopters to and fro sites, etc, etc, etc… the event probably hastened the death of earth rather than save it.  Now that more people see whale-killing as bad, another tribal/natural practice diminishes, and along with that a rich part of history of mankind.  The power of media that educates the world is equally destructive.

So… yeah… it was a nice show to watch; ok if you are not anti Green Peace.

What do you think of people who go to extremes to save the earth/nature?


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