This is it. #ASTD2012, Denver, CO, USA. Here I come.

Heard about it, read about it, referenced to it, but never quite got as close to it as this.

ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) has publications which I have been reading and referencing to during and after my post grad studies.  That’s all I knew of them – that they published good stuff.  Little did I know how established the society was and that they conduct large conferences like the one I’m going to at Colorado Convention Center.

Besides looking forward to networking and learning new things about learning, I’m also looking forward to stepping on American soil.

Never thought I’ll go there.  Never really wanted to visit actually.  Hollywood movies sort of killed my desire to go.  It’s like there is no mystery left about the place.

But since I’ll be there, I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture, the architecture, the systems and the food first hand.  Forget about stuff portrayed in the movies and the media.  Let me experience the real America.



ASTD and America.  Here I come.


3 thoughts on “This is it. #ASTD2012, Denver, CO, USA. Here I come.

    1. Hi Heather,

      I’m back from my trip to Denver and it was a pleasant place. Felt very safe. I was downtown most of the time so didn’t get to see or do anything interesting. Managed to visit the outskirts a little though and the outlying neighhbourhoods were just lovely.

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