Would you like to add 4kg to your weight in 10 Days?

Well, 4 kg was the additional weight I gained after 10 days in the land down under.

When I got to my parents’ home on the night of 02 Jan 2009 after touching down at Changi Airport, the first thing my dad told me when he saw me was that I looked bigger.

That night, when we got home, I weighed myself and to my horror, I was 57kg!!! I was only 53kg before the trip.

I could have grown fat. But… we didn’t eat much. In fact, we ate a lot lesser than when in Singapore.

I do believe that it is an increase in muscle mass cos we walked a lot. Practically everyday, we were either bushwalking or mountain climbing (ok… we only climbed a mountain on one day). We only began having better sleep during our last 2 nights when we were in Melbourne City (only flat ground to walk on).

Yeah… I bet it must be the muscles.


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