XBOX 360

In humility, we present to you our new XBOX!!! :p haha!!!

XBOX is nothing new. In fact, by tech standards, we are pretty late in getting the latest gadgets. Nonethless, it is a new toy which, just like any other latest gadget, doesn’t quite get much of our attention. We buy things out of necessity.

How is Xbox a necessity? Well… that’s bcos our PC graphics cannot give us the visual satisfaction when we play fast games. On top of that, our latest favourite game (C&C – Kane’s Wrath) cannot be installed on our old PC. That’s why Xbox is a necessity.

And why is it not getting much of our attention? Well, we play it as much as we used to on our PC. Just that now, instead of spending x hours at our PC, we spend x hours at the Xbox.

So… why do I bother to blog about something that didn’t quite make a big bang in my life???

Well… cos my husband is playing on it now (game only allows 1 player) and if I sat beside him, I would start to fight for the controller… then he’ll let me play … then I will feel bad snatching the controller from him (but will not return it to him). It would make everyone miserable.

So… it’s better to leave him play the Xbox while I blog about it. :p


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