Diary of a Recent Adventure

09 July 2008

Left home for hospital
Heavy Rain

Rammed from behind by a van on ECP about 200m before ERP gantry
No time to waste – journeyed on to hospital

Asked pages and pages of questions
Blood pressure measured
Got prepared for operation
Signed lots of documents (didn’t sign one cos I have not met my secondary surgeon)

Abt 9am:
Secondary surgeon came and we had a talk
He re-worded the document
I signed the document

Abt 9.45am:
Principal surgeon came – apparently to calm me down – but I was dancing in my operation dress – so she left in less than 30 seconds
Wheeled into operating prep room

Several blue people surrounded me; was asked to repeat name and IC and verify signed documents several times by a nurse (blue lady) then by a Dr (green man). I was asked to verify that surgical procedures stated were correct (I had to go to Med School to understand those words! I said there were correct anyway).

Green man asked the final question… have you had operation before? I said yes but I was too young to remember much and there was silence… pause… time stood still. GM: Where? Me: Eyelid, I think. GM: Under GA? Me: Should be. Time stood still a while longer… and everyone waited. Finally… GM: Shouldn’t be a problem. The PLAY button was pressed and all was in motion again.

I got carted into the operating theatre which looked like a TV studio set… looked like there was a TV crew somewhere about to shoot a TV Serial Drama. The smell was not the typical hospital smell… it smelt… straaanngge.

Was told not to move… then was rolled onto the operating table which, surprisingly, was heated.

Blue lady ordered a very young nurse to pump my left arm… the young lady blur blur do halfway and stopped. Got yelled at… do halfway again and stopped again and got scolded. Green man came, was about to pierce something into the hand when the young lady let go. Green man glared at young lady… and I glared too.

Green man came back and pumped some liquid into my hand… was expecting pain cos he pumped so fast!!! Thought my vein would explode. Interestingly, no feeling.

2nd green man came and stuck some things onto my left hand. Blue Nurse said: no no no… this one no need… the other one the other one. In my head I was like… wah lao… I’m awake leh. You all don’t like that leh.

I kay poh looked around. My left hand looked correctly taped up (as if I know). Looked around the room… only 2 green men… the rest were blue people. I saw my Principal Surgeon standing still, facing the wall… as if meditating – rehearsing everything in her mind. And I was like… the other surgeon no need to meditate ah??? Nowhere in sight.

Then green man turned to me and said, “have some oxygen” (same tone as “have a drink”). Blue lady plopped something onto my face. Breathing in was such a torture (smelly). Breathing out was harder cos I think they forgot to open an opening (I think). I coughed at the funny gas… the next time, I breathed out hard. After that… gone liao.

Abt 2pm:
Green man grabbed my left shoulder and shook me so hard I wanted to push him off. As he shook me, he asked a question (which I cannot remember)… and I shook my head left and right with all the strength I had to answer NO so that he would stop shaking me.

Green man stopped shaking me.

Blue lady came and said… lift up your head! Lift up your head! My cap got pulled off and she let my head drop back onto the pillow. I already knew then that I will remember Green Man and Blue Lady for a very long time.

I was so drowsy but was also so curious that I kept looking around and eavesdropping.
-Some nurses were complaining about some of their colleagues
-Some were trying to figure out the correct procedure for getting me out of the recovery room (alo… I’m awake… discuss until so loud how to get rid of me???)
-Some Drs and Nurses were trying to communicate with an old Ah Mah who didn’t want to have operation or something like that
-Looked at my hands. The stuff the Green man stuck into my hand still there. My eyes traced the tube… I was on drip. On drip for the first time in my life.
-Touch touch my tummy… ouch. Ok… don’t touch.
-Moved… ouch. Ok… don’t move.
-It’s been quite a while since I noticed little nurse hovering around my bed. Guessed she must be my Personal Assistant. Waved at her and she flew over to my bedside. Yup… she’s my personal assistant. Not bad.
-Realised that I could not really talk yet (everything about me was drowsy). So I said… cold… blanket. Little nurse flew to the cupboard and flew back and guess what… dropped the lump of blanket on me!!! She flipped the blanket open and bent my drip 90degrees from my flesh… and said sorry sorry. I could only sigh… sigh…

Abt 3pm:
Apparently, they decided to wheel me out without Dr’s permission (or so it seemed). They said something like I’m already fine and can go. They were so busy with more operations coming, yet Dr not here yet to sign me out.

The blood pressure measuring belt got removed from my right arm… I took a look… arm got internal bleeding (I know my arm got pumped every few minutes since 10am).

I got wheeled into corridor and left there for a while with other Drs and nurses walking past my bed. Finally 2 nurses began rolling me back to my ward. Nurse 1 said to Nurse 2… did u get it signed? Nurse 2 said… have. got scolding for nothing. blah blah blah…

Back in ward

There was a huge board that looked like a giant plastic chopping board. They slid it under me and then slid me onto the bed. So fun… but very painful too. But they were really fast so that the pain lasted for a while only.

Then… I think the nurses kaypoh (or it could be standard protocol)… all go and take out my blanket everything to see the wound. One of them said… very nice… can still wear bikini.

I didn’t dare look at my wounds as they covered me back.

Night time (hubby went home already):
Urine flooded my bladder. I called for a nurse. She pushed the portable toilet bowl to my bedside and helped me up. Boy I felt groggy. This is when i realised that I was still bloody all over (they did not change me since the operation). Dried blood on my gown and bed.

Throughout the night, I buzzed for the nurses pretty often. The younger nurse preferred to bring me to the toilet instead of bringing the toilet to me.

10 July 2008
Nausea still there but not as bad. Didn’t dare to move too much.

Principal surgeon came at about noon time and told me to move as much as possible. So, the whole afternoon, I got up and walked to the toilet on my own. My abdomen felt like it was falling out. So I held on to my tummy each time I got out of bed. i walked worse than an old lady. Didnt move my limbs much. Just walked from side to side.

11 July 2008
Discharged from hospital

Walked from 8th floor to the lift lobby. From the lift to the 9th floor Business office for some paper work. Then went home.

Walked too much on my first day out of hospital. Had burning pain for a few minutes that night.

1st two weeks of recovery – looked like a pregnant woman entering 2nd trimester

3rd week – swelling, bloating and body distortion began to subside

Now – left with 1-2 inches more before I return to my before-op size. Actually, it looks like I actually gained more weight this month and these 1-2 inches may not be swelling or bloating. sigh…

12 August 2008

Back to work.


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