Standard Update

I just went to visit the doctor today and was given the estimated total cost for the surgery… $13,230.

Ordinarily, this sum seems really huge. Not only is the sum huge but the surgery is classified as “complicated” with risks of infection and damage to other organs. Doctor also gave me an update on number of entry points – there would be 5 entry points, not 3. I will have super many holes after the op lor! Scars all over my body… sian… sigh… as if having a fatty tummy isn’t bad enough. Soon… I might have a fatty tummy full of scars! Sigh… *shake head*

But… interestingly, I don’t seem to be as affected as I thought I would be.

I feel more at peace than before. Not only peaceful… but I feel exceptionally blessed.
I’m blessed to have calm parents.
I’m blessed to have a supportive husband.
I’m blessed to have an understanding boss.
I’m blessed to have undemanding in-laws.
I’m blessed with adequate finances.
I’m blessed with brothers and sisters who will automatically offer to pray for me without me asking for prayers.
I’m blessed to be loved by God.

Between now and the surgery date (which is not fixed yet), I may have to visit the General Surgeon once or twice for his/her assessment. So far, only the gynea has been assessing me – she says the other problem has to be done by the General Surgeon.

Lord, I pray for a complication-free surgery… no infections… steady hands for Drs… good health for me… and everything else that could make me healthy again. And at the end of the day, whatever the outcome, may Your Name be glorified. Amen.


One thought on “Standard Update

  1. jia you sister. God loves you and gave you many friends, bros and sis.. me and pei tee (though we were not choosy haha).may the Lord guard this tmeple of yours and bless you mroe richly than you imagine.

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