Seek First His Kingdom

How many times do we hear from the bible, from the pulpit, from our bro and sis in Christ… to seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all shall be given?

How many times the Holy Spirit prompts us so?

How many times?

Everyday… everyday… all the time.

But sometimes, we get distracted. And it has been the case for me the past few months… distracted with establishing a career. So distracted that even the prayer group at work didn’t help me remember… to seek first the kingdom of heaven. That’s how heavily distracted I was.

But I have always been asking myself… where’s the “passion”? My answer was people… help people… develop ppl… which is actually not wrong… but i was looking at it from the wrong angle. I tot… ok … go into training… ppl devt. maybe counselling… that way i help ppl. how abt recruitment? i get to interact with all the new staff of the company. etc etc etc….

yet… as i read job descr after job descr, i still felt that something was just not right. Today… i got a little closer… as I quietly asked God while doing my work on the PC… this sort of came to me… “i’m hitting the wrong note”. im hitting the wrong note.

and i tot… ya… maybe. The next step was to figure out what was the right note.

That’s when I realised that it might be becos ive been too distracted from seeking His kingdom. THAT should be the right note.

Then again… I’m not 100% sure. Maybe my head is still in the clouds and I still can’t see clearly. I need a little more time to figure this out.

Nonetheless, allow me to PRAISE THE LORD!!! for all the wonders He has done even though I’ve been hitting the wrong notes for months.

Thanksgiving #1
ON and off, I think I have shared with friends that I have a short-fuse boss (my manager’s manager). Lo and behold… for the past few months when i was so distracted looking for other jobs, she actually became nicer and nicer to me. Hence, I’ve become more comfortable with her too. Overall, she actually appears much milder to everyone, not just me. An answered prayer? Only God knows. I thank God for her and I pray that she enjoys her fruit of being more even tempered. 🙂 Amen.

Thanksgiving #2
Today, my direct boss (my manager) informed me that she has nominated me for an award that recognises staff who have persistence, creativity, initiative, quick in taking action… and other qualities that i cannot remember. :p it was a nice surprise. i was not aware such an award exists in the first place.

Thanksgiving #3
As much as I hate/loathe/despise the idea of cliques, I’ve learnt to swallow my principles temporarily and get myself into a clique to get started with making friends in a cliquish work place. I’ve always made good choices in choosing trustworthy friends to confide in and I hope I have made the right choice of clique. This is the least cliquish clique that I’ve found … ppl who would not gossip abt u to others. at most… they poke fun abt u… but all in the name of fun… they r wise enough not to spread words that spoil ur reputation for real.

I thank God that I’ve settled in with them nicely. Fortunately or unfortuantely, they are a Catholic and a Christian. So there isnt much evangelism to do. haha!!! but well… it’s a start.

so… yeah…. while i was so distracted ploughing the ground on my own, God was behind me tilling my blind spots. Amazing…

Ah well… hope to have all things sorted out soon. I’m still keen to move on elsewhere for a fresh start. But I must make sure what that key… that “correct note” is first.

In the meantime… I’ll still do my best here.

Pray for me ya? Thanks.


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