The Unlit Warning Lantern

Once upon a time, a man was dragged to court for not signalling a train driver of danger which resulted in a train wreck killing many.

The judge asked him… did u or did u not swing your lantern to warn the train driver?

He replied… I did I did. I really did.

After a few rounds of questioning, the judge found no fault in him and he was released.

Outside the court room, friends and relatives surrounded him in relief. A friend came up to him and asked… did u really swing the lantern? Once again, he answered… yes i did. His friend continued… then why did u look so nervous? And he replied… I was afraid that he was going to ask the next question which is… was your lantern lit?

Is your Christian life the same as this train driver warner’s efforts? Frantically swinging from side to side and the whole time, ur lantern was not lit? Scuttling from one activity to another, busy with one programme after another… but there was no transformation in your person… just more things to do?

Has your attitude changed?
Have you become gentler and more loving?
Are you still quick to anger and slow to listen?
Have you used ur time and resource more wisely or otherwise?
Have you become more patient and long suffering?
Are you still rash and bashful?

As you swing and swing your lantern… take a moment to check if it’s lit. Else… u r swinging in vain… and the lost continue to be lost.


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