Monday, 9th April 2007

Monday Morning:
Got a call from my hubby, saying that an old friend of ours passed away on Saturday (7th April 2007). I was so shocked! At that time, we still have not known what happened. But i was kind of affected and kind of went abt doing my things in zombie mode.

Monday Noon:
I went down to buy the newspaper and saw my friend’s name on the front page. F1 fan went go-karting… the kart hit a divider… flew up… landed on the highway. Her neck broke.

Monday Afternoon:
I received a phone call telling me that i passed the psychometric test and can start work soon. I was so happy. But it didn’t last 5 seconds.

Monday Night:
Went for my friend’s wake. Saw the picture of her and it’s as if she’s still alive. When i saw her kids… wow… they look so much like her!!! It’s as if she’s still alive in her kids.

She lives on in her children:
I used to not really understand when people say that “so-and-so still lives in his children.” Now that this thing has happened to a dear friend of mine… i am suddenly able to relate to that saying.

It’s sad that she’s gone. But yet, it was soothing to see her in her children. It’s like… i can still see her whenever i meet her children.

I think there is something really magical about having your own children. Something that cannot be explained. And we won’t really be able to understand it unless we became parents ourselves.

Now I know why my husband wants our own children. And now i also know why adoptive parents are very afraid that their adopted children will leave them if they ever found out their biological parents.

That parent-child connection can only be felt, not understood.


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