Tilling the Land

Some books not only have chapters, but parts as well. One part is made up of many chapters.

In the past, my life was like chapter after chapter. It seems that now, I’ve moved on to PART TWO.

Agriculture and Horticulture
Fields/Farms are usually tilled before seeds are sowed. And after the seeds are sowed, flowers grow. And after flowers grow, they bloom and beautify and fill the air with fresh aroma, and rejuvenate. Of course, ongoing weeding, pruning and tilling continues.

When you want to start another field/farm, you start all over and till that new and different land and plant new or different seeds so that different plants would grow and mature. And obviously, instead of one farm, u now have two!

Tilling is to agitate the land, loosen the soil, rid old roots and remove weeds. It is a pretty messy and tedious process… and the land would look bare and ugly.

Just like Part Two of a book, I’ve come to the 2nd field or farm in my life.

Part Two of My Life
I’m in the early stages of my 2nd tilling of my 2nd farm. Although Part One has ended, Farm #1 is still bearing fruits. While bearing fruits there, the 2nd farm is being prepared.

Now, unlike before, I have beautiful things to look back on while tending to my new farm.

And my 2nd farm is definitely gonna be a prettier sight than the first!!!

That doesn’t mean I’m gonna rid Farm 1. It has it’s sentimental values and lessons can still be learnt from it as it ages.

Life is Beautiful!!!
Well… maybe I’m being too figurative here. But it’s just not possible to write all the chapters of Part 1 and 2 down in this blog!!! That’s 29 years of history!!!

This thought – this part 2 and farm #2 thingy – was one that came to my mind during prayer time.

Thank you, Jesus, for my life so sweet. 🙂


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