It’s Your Call!!!

During my process of looking for a job, I’ve come across caring friends and family who asked me if it’s God’s will for me to do this or do that. Do I have the “peace” to change jobs… etc.

I entertain them with an answer along the line of… “He didn’t tell me to go here… neither did He tell me NOT to go here.” And that ends the conversation.

I didn’t want to start debating on words like “calling” and “God’s will” which many Christians use very casually.

I’m not going to do a bible study on my blog. But to let my readers understand my beliefs better… well… I believe my job is my call.

If God tells me of a specific job… so be it… I will follow. If He doesn’t… I’ll do the deciding.
He didn’t give us a thinking brain for nothing.
He didn’t put into our hearts desires/longings for nothing.
He didn’t put in our spirits dreams/ambitions for nothing.

The Will of God
My parents
My country
My circumstances
My intelligence / non-intelligence
Being technically inclined or being administratively inclined
Things beyond my control

That’s the will of God.

The Call of God
To be saved out from this world / saved from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ
To live a holy, pure, innocent, etc etc etc… life
Obey things like… do not murder, cheat, lie, adulterate, covet… etc etc etc…
To be gentle in spirit, peace-loving, humble, etc etc etc…
To make disciples
To walk with Him daily
Be a good steward of your job, money, possessions, etc (rule over them and use them to serve God).
Things found in the bible

That is God’s call to every Christian.

Are you feeling down because you hear everyone getting “called” here and there and you don’t hear a thing?

Do not fret.
You are called daily to die to self, carry His Cross and follow Him!!!


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