God Hates Divorce

Recently, someone turned to me to pour out her sorrows. She suspects that her husband has been having an affair for a very long time. She knew it a long time ago but thought that it had ended. Little did she know that they picked up the relationship again.

She is so heart-broken. Her long time Christian friend told her to pray that the girl would find another man and settle down and that her husband would be so filled with guilt that he would repent. The friend’s advice was just to keep praying and praying and praying…

My advice, on the other hand, was … step 1: communicate and get the truth in the open. Step 2: request that he change. step 3: if he changes, forgive, if not, divorce.

That night, I talked about this to my in-house sage… the one and only… the wise one… the awesome one… the leader of my home… Zhang Jianli, my hubby. :p

I almost got a scolding for giving the advice I gave!!! :p
God hates divorce. “I hate divorce,” says the Lord of Israel… Malachi 2:16
We should never bring up the idea of divorce.
If the unfaithful one is the one who wants a divorce, the faithful one is free to go.
Divorce is the easy way out… it displeases God.

Immediately, the next day, I went back to her to negate my previous advice and told her that divorce is out of the question and that she should follow her friend’s advice of praying and praying and praying till the unfaithful and immoral would repent and change their ways. Her friend was very wise.

For everyone who is reading this… I hope that if you ever have to console a Christian friend whose spouse has been unfaithful… remember …. divorce is never the right solution.

What God has joined together, let no man separate. Matthew 19:6

All across the bible (esp in OT), God states that divorce defiles a person… and re-marriage is prostitution.


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