Doors Open and Close in Good Time

Hmm… was just told by my tutees that they will come only when they need help. They don’t want regular tuition anymore.

Just the beginning of June, I was thinking what to do with them when I start my full time work. But I didn’t do anything or tell them my plans. And walah!!! Things just happened: The school teacher got changed and she’s more confident with this new teacher. So, decided that she doesn’t need tuition anymore.

They came when I needed them. They leave when I cannot give them my all anymore… all without me doing anything.

Before I told TYLC of my decision to leave, the Principal had also begun cutting down my classes to make way for new plans. This meant lesser pay but more work for me if I continued… which also means higher expenses and lesser income.

I didn’t know any HR people and walah… I met one on one Sunday and had lunch long enough to find out more abt HR.

I was (and still am) in a very uncomfortable situation … but, recently, I see that situation changing for the better.

Before I got the chance to check out if my SM2 students were back in Singapore, some voluntarily SMSed me first to inform me and date me.

It’s not my hand, but our Sovereign God’s hand that moved. I did nothing for any of the above-mentioned situations. I only prayed.


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