Keeping in Touch with my Artistic Side

Woo hoo!!!

On Sunday, although Jianli and I were so dead tired from a long and tiring weeked, I still dragged us all the way to Orchard to buy stuff from a art house at Taka.

At 11.30pm… with heavy eyelids and groggy head, I whipped out my handy dandy … drawing pad and pastel sticks!!! Yayyyy!!! *jubilant clapping*

I drew and drew till 2am. Ha! Tired indeed! Too bad I can’t scan them and put them up for you to see. It’s too powdery and I don’t want to dirty my scanner. I would love to show you how a beginner artist’s work looks like. Very much like a K2 kid’s. Haha!!!

I’ve been a professional job searcher for a week already. Time to take a break. That’s how I ended up spending $20 to buy the art materials. The drawing pad costs $1. The 12 pastel sticks costs $18+ i think. And I bought some ordinary pencils.

$1 plus per teeny weeny stick. This is why my mum’s heart broke several times throughout my brother’s education in Design. He’s still in it btw… and he wants to continue till Masters!!!

Special drawing pens cost a few dollars each.
Design software cost several thousands EACH. And my bro did not stop at one.
Other materials are not cheap either.
Just a set of colour pencils costs close to a $100.

My mum should be thankful that her daughter did not end up in design.
I still remember that my first choice was engineering then came architecture then interior design.

I was toggling between architecture and engineering, and finally put engineering as first choice. Reason???

At that time, I thought Singapore’s market for designers is small. Also, you need to spend 6 years to get a Bach’s degree. It was a real turn off.

Now as I attempt to draw real professional pictures, I realise how much time is required just to produce an A5 size picture. One mistake and you gotta do it all over. That’s another turn off.

It’s the same even with technology. Just that, with software, your home stays cleaner. In the end, I stand prefer to produce works by hand… cos a good colour monitor, workstation and mouse for design purposes is WAY more expensive and causes more physical injuries (eyes and wrist).

What you need to produce true art (in my opinion):

  • Lots of money / Initial capital
  • Lots of materials (especially if working with nature)
  • Lots of space and as little furniture as possible
  • Lots of tolerance for a very dirty and messy work space
  • Lots of love for observing colours, shapes, movements, shadows, contours.
  • Lots of curiosity about the beginning of things… the beginning of life.
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of patience to try and try… and try… and try… again… and again… and again……

What you need to be a good designer is pretty different from being an artist:

  • Practical-headed
  • Awareness of current trends
  • Pick up technical skills well
  • Lots of patience
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Have solid concepts to convince clients why your design is THE design

As I read up on earth science, DNA and now… explore how to produce art works… it brings new perspective to Romans 1:20:

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse”

Whatever your inclination… be it science or art… everything points to the same thing.

Oh darkened hearts
Conceited and hardened
Can’t you feel His Love?

Oh veiled eyes
Unturning and unblinking
Can’t you see His Glory?

Oh confused minds
Deceived and distracted
Can’t you comprehend His Signs?

Oh calloused hands and feet
Aching in meaningless toil
Can’t you be still and receive His Gift?


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