Obedience to Man can Lead You to Death

1 Kings 13
1 Thess 5:19-22
Phil 4:8

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for an up-rising.

Calling those called to obey – to Love is to Obey

Children, honour your father and mother. For this is pleasing in God’s sight.

I’m reminding all readers, that ultimately, each and everyone of us is answerable directly to God for our own deeds. Our spiritual leaders cannot take our sins upon themselves… they are not Christ… they have their own deeds to answer to God with.

Do not be lax when you obey man’s instructions. Stay vigilant in testing every spirit.

God gave us a direct channel to him – Christ. Do not place a medium in between you and Him.

There can be a fine line between obedience to man and idolatry.

Be an encourager and not a worshipper of man.

Calling those called to lead – to Lead is to Serve

Fathers, do not exasperate your children.

Seek God together with your charges. Do not lord over them for their Lord is God and they belong to Him, not you… even your biological children belong to the Lord.

Be careful, for God’s eyes are heavy upon you for you are looking after His children.

You are there to show the way, to be a living example, to be a sacrifice for them, to serve them.

Your charges look to you for direction, so be careful what you teach or their blood is upon your hands.

Overseers must:

  • be above reproach
  • have one spouse
  • be temperate
  • be self-controlled
  • be respectable
  • be hospitable
  • be able to teach
  • not pursue dishonest gain
  • have clear conscience with regard to the truth
  • not be malicious talkers
  • be trustworthy in everything
  • not be given to drunkenness
  • not be violent but gentle
  • not be quarrelsome
  • not be a lover of money
  • manage own family well
  • not be a recent convert
  • have a good reputation with outsiders
  • be sincere

Please check your hearts daily.

Forgive if you want God to forgive you.
Accept others if you want God to accept you.
Love others if you want God to love you.
Judge and you will be judged.

In order to live for God, we must die daily.

The higher the climb, the greater the fall – are you ready to sacrifice your life for others?


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