Had a chat with colleagues yesterday. Among the 4 of us, 2 have voted before.

It was so obvious. Those who voted before knew about all the parties and the politicians. While the 2 of us had no idea what they were talking about. And they were also arguing about whether to vote for PAP or the opposition. It was a comical conversation.

Anyway… what do YOU think? PAP or Opposition?

As long as old Mr LKY has his finger in the pie, I think I can safely vote for the whites.
Until now, I’ve not seen a single opposition party member who can carry himself well and speak well with substance. Ok la. Got la. Chiam. Anyway, not many have the chance to show up in the media.

Chee is hot-headed and asks for too much freedom.

Absolute freedom asks for some discipline, control and restrictions. There are many people who do not share this view. As an individual, they think freedom means doing whatever they want to do (e.g. I will walk down the street naked just because I feel like it) – I call that selfishness and self-righteousness.

As for the others… I heard of this old man who is good and speaks in Chinese. Maybe that’s why i never noticed him; he speaks in Chinese. :p

So, do not vote for the opposition just for the sake of voting for the opposition. They steady one or not?

Apart from using your head, do use your heart too. LKY’s generation painstakingly built a successful empire. Many are still alive and kicking today. It’s not all just about the politicians. Think about the people who spent sweat and blood building this nation. I don’t think they are about to give others “a try” just for the sake of giving them a try. There is much to lose.

You are talking about a nation, not a career, not a business, not just a monetary investment. You don’t just take risks like that.

If something ain’t broke, there is no need to change it.
If there ain’t anything better, just stick to the current one.


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