Good Friday

8am: RRrrrring!
Wake up
Wash up
Shape up


Sit in front of TV and bum.

10am: 2 beautiful ladies appeared at our door step.
10.30am: Where is Roland?
10.40am: 1 handsome and late man appeared at our door step.

Out of point
Waste time

10.55am: Suppose to leave home to go meet the kids. but…
Started our prayer and worship session. Ha!

Chop chop curry pop…

11.24am: Arrived at Sengkang MRT station to meet them.
Had lunch
Lunch was “so delicious and cheap” (“wat’s new?” for me. :p)
Shop shop talk talk

1.30pm: The mess begins.
10 cooks + helpers in the kitchen helping it to fulfil its purpose in life.

5pm: Oh we are so hungry!
But dear Roland had to do some “entertainment”
Asked the cooks to introduce their dishes… name… origin… meaning…
Some of them really looked like they wanted to hamptum him

7.30pm: They all left with filled tummies and happy memories.

The rest of us (5 locals and 3 sm2 snrs) stayed back to clean up.
Actually, the snrs sat back and relaxed while the elderly washed, mopped and cleaned.

9.30pm: it felt like midnight already.
Everyone departed and Jianli and I were pooped.
it took 5 people to clean the house in 2 hrs.
No joke.
They REALLY messed up our place. REALLY!

Anyway, it brought them joy and we are happy about it.

Thank you, Jesus, for a great day.


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