Patience and Grace

Reflect on your life. Your past and your present. And maybe even your future.

Do you see God in your life?

Has He ever turned His face away from you?
Has He ever given up on you?
In your darkest moments, was He there?
In times when you turned away from Him, was He there?
When you decided to return, was He happy?
When you praised Him, did He sit on Your priases and get back on the throne of your life again?

God has always been there for me… through mistakes, sins, selfish desires, laziness, pride, etc…

When we began a relationship with God, our primary goal was to become more and more Chirst-like. Is that goal still in sight? It definitely still is in the sight of God.

He waits patiently for us to transform. He gives us grace whenever we fall.

Do we treat others with the same patience and grace?

Our own children, nieces, nephews, cousins, family and relatives.
Our students.
Our classmates and friends.
Our colleagues.
Our fellow believers.


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