Strange Skeleton

Oh yes… praise God for the smallest and yet greatest thing!!!

I didn’t sprain my ankle yet again!!!

Yesterday, while walking to sch, I unknowingly stepped on a branch in the middle of the road with an oncoming car… I twisted my ankle quite bad. Fortunately, I regained my balance almost instantly and walked clear of harm’s way.

This is not the first time that I twisted my ankle and nothing happened. No fall, not sprain, no whatever. Other than the growing blob of fats on my abdomen, my felxi body never fails to amaze me. actually, the blob does amaze me. How come I grow fat only in 1 place??? Can’t it be more proportionate?!?!?

Anyway, I’ve twisted my ankle so many times in all the most awkward positions. I never once experienced the pain or swelling of a sprain that my friends experienced. I don’t hope for it of course. Just wondering why my body so strange. Fall down stairs also not pain.


2 thoughts on “Strange Skeleton

  1. hey sister… thanks for sharing. now we’ll know who to send for next time if we need to retrieve things we dropped from a cliff.. since you’re almost unhurtable… haha. JL won’t let that happen though. He might command the other SamSui bros – Mun and I to do it instd.. =(but thank God for this heart of gratitude. Praising the Lord for things small and great. Cheers..

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