The Sky is Falling!!!

Nah. It’s just me.

9 Jan 2006.
First day at work at Touch Youth Learning Centre.
Walk down first step.
And woah!!!
Ice skiing without the ice!!! Down down down the entire flight of stairs.
It felt like eternity.
I thought it was never going to end and that I was going to die.

Finally, I reached the bottom. A kind man helped me up and helped pick up my stuff. I stood up… first instinct was to search for my Motorola R3… shucks… 3 scratches and screen is blank. I said aloud “My phone spoil already”. Everyone at the lift lobby just stared at me. I thanked the man and walked off for my first class.

As I walked, I felt so silly looking for my phone first. I was also thinking… so that’s how it feels like to fall down the stairs.
I couldn’t believe I didn’t feel a thing.
Amazed that I didn’t limp.
Awed by G2000 fabric that only had dirt at the right knee area.
My Everbest shoes survived unscathed (one flew off and the other dragged along with me).
Head to toe is branded. G2, Everbest and God’s creation. šŸ™‚
Solid sia.
Confirm no osteoporosis.

I still couldn’t believe what happened.
While waiting for the other teacher to end class, i checked myself.
No blood.
Press here press there move here move there.
No pain.
Check here check there, blouse and trousers really looked intact… to think that the floor was so wet and dirty. Maybe my clothes are water proof. Dunno.

Only after 9pm (after I bathed) then the bruises appeared. Small, light ones some more.


It’s a miracle!!!

I’m so amazed!
And I give You praise
That You kept me safe from a fall.

I’m so amazed!
And I give You praise
For the power of the Cross.

Looking back, my spirit could have been dampened. I could have seen it as an omen even before I knew who my students were. But strangely, my thoughts were protected. I entered class with such joy and sort of enjoyed my first day teaching N level English for the first time – took prayer and several days of effort preparing first day’s lessons.

The not so enjoyable part was that I was pretty blur. I was last teacher for the day and didn’t keep all the equipment for the school. So pai seh. :p Had 2 full time staff coming to repeat procedures to me. So malu. :p

Trade your heavy heart for a heart of joy
Celebrate what God has done
Join the song of praise as we gather here
Celebrate the Lord of love!!!


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